Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder ArthritisProgressive pain in the shoulder with decreasing motion is often related to shoulder arthritis. Arthritis pain can occur along with a ratcheting sensation in the shoulder that occurs with movement. Shoulder arthritis can also cause a deep pain in the shoulder that can occur even without any movement and while trying to sleep.

Arthritis is when the smooth gliding surface in a joint wears out. This smooth gliding surface is called cartilage and when it wears out the bones in a joint rub against each other which is painful. Shoulder pain can result from arthritis. Shoulder arthritis causes swelling, pain and stiffness. Arthritis may be related to sports or work injuries.
Often people with arthritis will avoid shoulder movements in an attempt to lessen their pain. Over time the restricted motion and pain leads restricted use of the shoulder which can ofter limit a persons ability to perform their activities of daily living.

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